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Discussion and Respond. 3 Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion and Respond. 3 - Dissertation Example Effective leaders, through theoretical and practical skills determine these factors and design strategies that would ensure that goals are attained. Monkey Story (Company Norms) The story is a good analogy of how corporate norms are justified or rationalized. However, eventually, it presumes that, just like monkeys, employees manifest a blind adherence to company norms without questioning the underlying rationale for the behavior. I beg to disagree. People are rational beings. Eventually, new comers question why they are being told to do things the way they should do. Normally, organizations orient new employees by making them acquaint themselves with company policies and the organization’s code of discipline so that their work behavior is justified by the rules and regulations explicitly stated in the company policies and code of discipline. These are critical to ensure order, discipline and appropriate observance of work ethics and moral conduct expected of employees in a pr ofessional endeavor. US Navy Stand-Off Story, Communication It is a funny but effective story that exemplifies arrogance in communication definitely turns people off.

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Identify and Discuss the Historical Significance of Five of the Essay

Identify and Discuss the Historical Significance of Five of the following terms - Essay Example The Jacobian Clubs were the most prominent societies responsible for the French Revolution and these groupings sprung up in Paris and other provinces but were associated with the main one that was based in Paris. These clubs were composed of the elite members of the society, who included artisans and tradesmen, who formed debating societies where they aired their political views on current political issues with an aim of carrying out a revolution.2 These members used the clubs to organize forces and plan tactics and were responsible for a number of terror attacks and in carrying out The Revolution members turned the provinces into living nightmares and went to the extent of attacking churches and looting and imprisoning priests. Nelson Mandela was the first South African democratically elected black president after a 20-year anti-apartheid campaign and served as president from 1994 until 1999 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 jointly with the former president F.W. de Klerk for their efforts in bringing peace to South Africa.3 Mandela had served 27 years in prison for fighting against the former regime and had on several occasions refused to be released conditionally. He had directed a 20 year non-violent crusade against the rà ©gime and its discriminatory rules and in the year 2009, July 18, his birthday, was declared Mandela Day and is celebrated globally to remember him for his legacy and promote global peace. Thomas Peters / Thomas Potters was one of the founders of the Sierre Leone and he along with others recruited African settlers whom they used to colonize Sierra Leone.4 He was born in Nigeria and was to be taken by slave traders who sold him to a Frenchman in North America and later sold to an Englishman, and he fled during the American Revolutionary War. When he was free he decided to petition the British administration where he was able to convince the Royal administration to let him settle in Freetown, Sierra Leone and he

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Religion and International Relations Research Paper

Religion and International Relations - Research Paper Example Although the concept of religion is as old as mankind, it is interesting to note that policymakers and legislators have vastly ignored the roles of religion in the governance of a nation and even international relations. The schism between the East and West has increased by twofold because of this very reason that they fail to incorporate religion in their dialogue, leaving no space for people from these two different worlds to interact (Fox & Sandler 2010, p. 2). The substance of this prose will not only examine the importance of religion in international relation as discussed in light of scholarly theories but it will also discuss the techniques through which they can use to include religion and use it to create a more harmonious society. Although religion has been used multiple times in political context, but despite its frequent usage it is impossible to put down this phenomenon in to a proper definition. Religion is often seen as a set of ideas or notions that are vastly negated by scientific research and are perceived to be irrational (Philpot 2009). Religion is widely believed to be irrational, which underlines the negative sentiments against this institution. However, sadly not everyone especially in the Eastern sphere agrees with that notion which turns out to be the main source of conflict. This is because Religion is responsible for shaping worldviews; as mentioned earlier, since religion constitutes culture it is also a part of an individual’s identity. Religion is also used to legitimize basic human rights and political processes. Moreover, most religions have transformed into huge organizations, like the Catholic Church there is an added pressure to appease and include religions (Fox & Sandler 2010, p.2). Even historically there is a strong tie between correlation between nation and religion is that it is what helped the people relate to one another. It was a binding force as it brought people together and helped them demarcate right from wrong. Religious views led to establishments on various superstitions and myths, and with the rising popularity of science, it just sparked more debates and people became wary of religion, but with terrorist attacks the sentiments became more hostile towards the idea of religion. However the conflict is triggered because most of the scholarly work done on the matter is vastly done from Western-centric perspective and which is why this blatant ethnocentricism in religious views has further deepened the conflict. However, as the society becomes more and more culturally diverse and even aware, there is an added pressure on authorities to take religion into account as per the constitutional clause that entitles every individual to freedom of speech, expression and practices. The most unfortunate fact is that because of the controversial nature of the topic, religion is more or less treated as a tabooed subject. The modern rejection according to Fox & Sandler (2010, p. 10) comes fro m the stigmas attached with religion that is extremist, radical and backward. There is a need for more open dialogue on the subject and an increase in literature from all three sides; which is the pro-religion side, the anti-religion and one from a neutral perspective. Policymaking is a crucial affair as individuals need to take into account diverse needs of the people and religion becomes even more of essence as not just 9/11 but there are plenty of conflict existing in present day that are triggered by or has it s base in religion, which will be discussed in later parts of the prose. The case

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Macroeconomic Aims of a Government Essay Example for Free

Macroeconomic Aims of a Government Essay The government and policymakers of a country intervenes in the economy in order to achieve economic growth, price stability, and low rate of unemployment. First and foremost, economic growth can be defined as an increase in the countrys output over a period of time. This means there is an increment in her productive capacity hence a rise in national income. A high economic growth is desirable as it represents an improvement in the material standard of living of the society. A rising real income per head brings about more and better quality goods and services, which are available for consumptions of individuals. However, an improvement in the case of consumer welfare due to economic growth is highly doubtful if the growth is accompanied by undesirable side effects such as negative externalities, leisure time forgone or even a dilution in the societys tradition custom. Through redistribution of income, economic growth can eliminate poverty. A higher output allows households to enjoy more goods and services thus generating higher income and through the multiplier effect increases national income by folds. Besides that, the governments tax revenue will rise too, leading to more benefits for the poor such as education and training. This may even help curb the problem of poverty. The authority also highly regards sustaining a stable price level as a primary objective of economic policy. This is because inflation, defined as a sustained and inordinate increase in the general price level, could have harmful effects both socially and economically. A rising price level creates uncertainties and complicates decision-making, thus may hamper economic growth. Fluctuations in the level of prices makes information conveyed by prices harder to interpret. Consumer, firms, and the government may face a tough time in allocating funds or resources for the future in an inflationary environment. Furthermore, as the society strives to maintain its real value of income by keeping up with rising price level and competing with other social classes, the countrys social fabric could be severely strained. The mere existence of inflation means that the real value of money is falling. Thus, it will be necessary for the government to intervene in  the economy in order to prevent hyperinflation from happening. The countries that experienced the most extreme examples of trotting inflation are Argentine, Brazil and Russia. The slow growth brought about eventually crippled virtually the entire economic system. Every government places a low rate of unemployment at the top of its priority. The percentage of total labor force unemployed makes up the rate of unemployment. Economic costs of unemployment can be devastating, as it could mean a lower Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to loss of potential income to factors of production, whilst social costs such as increased poverty, personal hardships to individuals, decay of unused skills, raise in crime rates and family disputes prove the worthiness of the goal of achieving high employment. On the other hand, stability of a countrys exchange rate in the foreign exchange market (FOREX) is vital, as fluctuations of the exchange rate create adverse effects to the economy. There are mainly two cases which are prevalent in most economies. Firstly, an appreciation of the exchange rate may cause exports to become relatively dearer, and lead to loss of competitiveness (comparative advantage) to a country. Secondly, a depreciation of the exchange rate brings about serious domestic inflation, encourages exodus of capital and thus puts the country under stress of lack of investment and unemployment. On the external aspect, the government aims to achieve equilibrium in the balance of payment, especially the current account. A deficit in the current account drains the savings and reserve of a country significantly, leading to a chain effect of higher national debt and burden to future generations. In view of the above objectives, the government is needed to regulate and rectify situations. Therefore, the conclusion can be arrived that government intervention is fundamental to every economies in the world.

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History and Culture Essay Example for Free

History and Culture Essay Too long the country has been deprived of its national pride and independence. By 1911-1912, the foreigners were everywhere. The best way was to use them as sponsors for our changes, and let them call me â€Å"a dictator [corrupt and †¦ brutal] surrounding himself as soon as he could with some of the most despicable Chinese agents of the old regime; favoured [†¦] by foreign financiers [in the lust for] money and power and the means of extravagance and debauchery. † This year, the things are really disastrous. Chinas foreign debt reaches 900 million taels. The dynasty has gone bankrupt undertaking expensive reforms of the governmental administration, military and educational system. The new regime followed the West in the enchantment with democratic elements of constitution, representative assemblies, separation of governmental powers, and political parties. On my side, I was more interested to pacify gentry and to centralize state power having been dissolved after foreign intrusions and imperialistic affairs. For me as President, therefore, the prior task is to obtain the loan from the Four Group Powers in order to keep a strong and obedient military resource to establish the right type of government. My fame played to the benefit of the task. I do remember how Dr. Morrison, the then political adviser to the Chinese Government, was trading with Mr. Crisp, the head of the firm of C. B. Crisp Co, about the loan to pay for our administration needs this year, in 1912. We needed it badly in order not to depend so greatly on the Four Power Group, not to speak about Russia and Japan with their greed in regard to concessions. Then, the last persuasion for the â€Å"hard nut† Crisp to lend us ? 10,000,000 was delivered by Morrison in the words about my dictatorial position being the â€Å"benefit† of China. I am afraid, though, that we will have to owe the Four Group Allies ? 500,000,000, at the rate of ? 100,000,000 a year, not to forget about Japan and Russia trying to cut the fattest pieces of our cake in terms of territory, commerce and politics. Now I shall speak about my plans for the future. I really want to establish a â€Å"no-squeeze policy. † I believe that the modern Chinese state and nation should be centralised. The first step to do is to preserve the capital, thus, the centre of administrative authority, in Peking for the whole period of my office of President. Second, as I have never been a republican, I think about establishing a sort of a military dictatorship. I was often called the â€Å"strong man,† â€Å"a reputed reactionary,† and â€Å"arbitrary, tyrannical and self-indulgent† by my contemporaries, and, no doubt, I will be labelled like this by later researchers. My political opponents from the Kuomintang went even further referencing to me as nothing more than â€Å"[t]he fat bewhiskered general†. But even they can not deny that it was I who could build a strong army and placating fighting camps. That is why, in my opinion, there is no need to let those wordy democrats to spend time, effort and money on elections and the qualifications of voters. Let me stay â€Å"the strong dispenser of law and order† identifying the course of state policy by myself. Consequently, I plan to get rid of those tries to establish â€Å"popular sovereignty in the form of political parties and representative assemblies. † I watch them reorganising Sun Yat-sens Revolutionary Alliance into the Guomindang, or Nationalist Party, to dominate National Assembly after its election in December, 1912. I know that the trifle show with democratic elections for National/provincial/county assemblies could jeopardise the institute of centralised power I am planning to introduce. Later on, I will force the National Assembly to elect me as president for a long term, better for five years. Then, I will kick the Guomindang from the parliament because they are likely to assume too much political weight. The best solution will be also to dissolve all the assemblies that resemble a boiling pot, so â€Å"risky and messy† they are. Finally, I will do my best to consolidate all the state power in the hands of one person, and that person would be I. The best form to centralise power is monarchy, how ever discredited it has become. How about the British or Japanese constitutional model of the Emperor co-existing with the parliament? Lately, the title of â€Å"Grand Constitutional Emperor† has occurred to my mind as the best definition of the political system I want to achieve. Reanimating Confucianism as a state religion, there would be a chance to resurrect also the ideology of monarchism and to get back to traditional values, seeing also to the better economic and education opportunities to provide the nation with wealth and development. Bibliography Bowman, John S. , ed. Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and Culture. New York: Columbia University Press, 2000. Cantlie, James, and C. Sheridan Jones. Sun Yat Sen and the Awakening of China. New York: Fleming H. Revell, 1912. Croly, Herbert. Willard Straight. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1924. Eastman, Lloyd E. â€Å"The May Fourth Movement as a Historical Turning Point: Ecological Exhaustion, Militarization, and Other Causes of Chinas Modern Crisis. † In Perspectives on Modern China: Four Anniversaries, edited by Thomas P. Bernstein et al. Armonk, NY: An East Gate Book, 1991, 123-138. Hyndman, H. M. The Awakening of Asia. New York: Boni and Liveright, 1919. Leang-Li, TAng. China in Revolt: How a Civilization Became a Nation. London: N. Douglas, 1927.

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Introduction Of Heritance Kandalama

Introduction Of Heritance Kandalama Heritance Kandalama is being managed by well known Sri Lankan blue chip company, Aitken Spence PLC. The Hospitality Sector is a one out of four operation of Aitken Spences. Services, logistic solution and strategic investment are theirs other operations. Under Services they operate Destination management which enhances dramatically their hotel operations. Destination management providing the entire facilities under one roof needed for the destination travelers. There are range of hotel brands managing by Aitken Spence such as Heritance in Sri Lanka, Adaaran in Maldives and Aitken Spence Hotels in India and Oman. Same time they provide inbound and outbound travels, airlines agencies, conventions and exhibitions, elevator agency, financial services and insurances through out local and international market under their Service sectors. (See Appendix 01) Heritance is the famous brand of Aitken Spences. The meaning of Heritance is the combination of Heritage and Inheritance. Heritance Hotels Resorts are a collection of resorts that are architecturally unique and blend in with their natural environment Quoted from Aitken Spence official web site., retrieved on 23 February, 2012 Heritance Kandalama is an example of blend of Sri Lankan heritage, inherits and wild life. It is a luxurious 5 star eco friendly hotel, superiorly architected by world famous Geffory Bava. Heritance Kandalma is the first best Eco conceptual hotel in Sri Lanka and only a few in Asia. Heritance Kandalama facilitating with 152 rooms, 3 restaurants with 295 seating capacity including out door places for dinning and chilling out facilities, one banquet hall, 3 unique pools with 2 bars, business center, in door and out door sports, shopping arcade and a fabulous nature garden over looking the Kandalama lake with numerous flora and fauna. (Appendix 02) Kandalama hotel client base is eco friendly travelers who are looking for mouth watering food extravaganza, serene privacy, luxury and unique experiences. It attracts vast and reputed client tail by providing unique splendid luxury facilities and services. It has a wide European market for the majority with guest also visiting from the rest of the world. Nature lovers, eco friendly business travelers, honeymooners, families with kids, adventures, cultural and leisure tourists are main visitors of them. Heritance Kandalama Marketing Strategies Forming the Marketing Strategies for Heritance Kandalama. Heritance Kandalama Hotel strategies formulated on the Aitken Spences corporate and Hotel sector strategies which mainly based on Marketing concept and Societal concept. Heritance brands strategy and market slogan is Where tradition is alive. Heritance Kandalama hotel is been flagship of Sustainable Green Tourism strategies and CSR strategies practices. Figure 2.1: Porter Generic Strategies for Heritance Kandalama Competitive Advantage Competitive Scope Low Cost Higher Cost Broad NarrowOverall Cost Leadership Differentiation-Heritance Kandalama Cost focus Differentiation Focus Source: Porter As you can see in Figure 2.1 Heritance Kandalama is taking competitive advantage under Differentiation strategies by catering to broad market with higher price compared to other eco friendly resorts in Sri Lanka. As you can see in positioning below they have broader market which they cater to each and every type of markets so they can charge premium price as Heritance is and internationally and locally well reputed brand with their unique location, luxury services and facilities, and well established marketing communication strategies. Heritance Kandalama Hotel and Marketing Strategies Though Heritance Kandalama hotel uses Societal and Marketing concept as their marketing concepts still they use other concepts too. Societal Concept Sustainable tourism, CSR practices, Green Auditing Marketing Concept Nature conscious architecture, Heritance ingenious Food Experience As mother company of Heritance Kandalama, Aitken Spence group has been awarded as one of the top ten best corporate citizen in Sri Lanka consecutively for 6 years by taking consideration of their sustainable business strategies. Heritance brand too recognized as one of the best practice hotel chain on sustainability, responsible tourism and eco friendliness. They are pioneer of Setting Standards for Sri Lankan sustainable and green tourism. (See Appendix 01 ) In order to practice Where Tradition is Alive marketing slogan and against to the competitors, Heritance Kandalama differentiates their location, interior and exterior of hotel, products and service, and Green philosophy practices. Positioning Royal Suites with VIP luxury amenities, Wedding package documentation for foreigners, Balloon Rides, Mountain Cave tracking, Targeting Honeymoon Package, Excursions, Cultural Activities Cultural triangle tours, Green philosophy, CSR concern guest Segmentation Eco Nature Lovers, Adventures, Cultural Tourist, Love Romance Responsible TouristsSegmentation, Targeting and Positioning for Heritance Kandalama Heritance Kandalama cater to Eco friendly, sustainable and nature conscious luxury market segments. Their client tails are wild life and nature lovers, love and romance, cultural tourists, leisure and adventure tourists and responsible tourists, who looking for mouth watering food, serene privacy, luxury and unique experience. Kandalama has differentiate target markets according to their own strong marketing mix, such as culture triangle excursions and involving guest in community service to promote responsible tourism. (Appendix ) Kandalama value proposition is Where Tradition is Alive. They positioned their market for High end customers with royal suites and VIP amenities, Honeymooner and Wedding customers with wedding packages and providing documentation facilities for foreigners, Adventure customers with Balloon rides, Night mount hiking and Eco friendly tourists by practicing green philosophy. All the above services and products have been provided by protecting and promoting the traditional Sri Lankan culture. The Heritance Kandalama has well positioned their product to gain best competitive advantages over their competitors. Luxury -Royal suites, Six sense spa. Culture Excursions to Punaragama village and culture triangle. Adventure Excursions of Night mount hiking, Jungle tracking. Love Romance Wedding Package. Family Eco park, Special children menu, In and out door sports. Business Conference facilities, Six sense spa, Serene environment away from busy city. Sustainable and Nature Green philosophy and CSR practices, Promote and buy community products, Green Architecture. Price More Same LessFigure 1.2: Heritance Kandalam product positioning in market More Same Less Benefits Royal Suite, Six sense spa Honeymoon package Restaurant Buffet Balloon rides Cultural triangle excursions Diamond club loyalty card Horse and pony rides Conference facilities Punaragama village tour Source: Author concept Heritance Kandalama is using different pricing strategies according to their product and service to cater different markets and compete with competitors. More-More : Compared to other eco-luxury hotels HK Royal Suites is far more expensive as their services and facilities are of a higher standard. Same-Same: Cultural triangle excursion package and the price is the same as when comparing to the surrounding hotels. Less-Less: Punaragama package is not expensive; with this package you can explore previous traditional village life of Sri Lanka which competitors dont have such facilities. This is a unique market positioning for them. Growth Strategy and Heritance Kandalama Existing Products New Product 5 star luxury rooms and facilities, Honeymoon package, Cultural Triangle excursion Balloon rides, Helicopter rides, Traditional music and cultural events. Family package with kiddies facilities, Adventure packages for corporate company clients. Punaragama package, Green tourists, Community service Existing Market New Market Heritance Kandalama is doing great market penetration. Even though there are 5 star resorts there, they do larger market penetration compare to competitors, as their unique geographical position and superb nature blend architected. They were developed new market for kids to retain parents by introducing new kids menu, kiddies sports, and kids club by creating adventure holidays for kids such as kiddies camping. There was another new market they created Adventure packages for corporate company clients as there new immerge of adventures out door management training program. Heritance Kandalama developed balloon ride and helicopter ride for existing adventure market. Their diversification or unique products are Punaragama Cultural village, Kandalama Ingà ©nues food experience and Cave dining. 7Ps strategies for Heritance Kandalama Product 152 five star luxuries room with 7 categories, 3 unique restaurants, pool bars and Kandalama style cousins, Six sense spa with all beauty treatments, 3 unique pools in and our door sport facilities, Library and bushiness center, Excursions include cultural triangle, Activities such as bird watching, trekking, boat trip, horse and elephant riding. Price Best Available Rates for Bed and Breakfast with tax Superior USD 180 Panoramic USD 201 Luxury USD 250 Deluxe USD 262 Travel Agent Rates Superior USD Panoramic USD Luxury USD Deluxe USD Promotion (See Appendix ) Advertising in News paper, Official World Wide Website, Magazines, Green Philosophy, CSR Activities, Word of Mouth, Blogs, Social Medias such as facebook and twitter, Direct sales promotions, Catering to the international events and providing facilities for international researchers to gain knowledge about sustainable and green tourism practices, Always been under lime light of every global and local green and sustainable awarding. Place 183km away from Sri Lankan Colombo, Katunayaka Bandaranayaka International airport, Located with in UNESCO World Heritage Site and Sri Lankan Cultural triangle, Over looking of 1200 years old Kandalama river, Sigiri and Dambulla citadels. Hotel reservation system, Aitkent Spence destination management, Official website and other reservation websites such as Agoda, Trip advisor, and other travel agencies working as distributions channels of HK. People Corporate and international customer training programs and other trainings for Staff, Staff evaluation and rewards upon their success in customer services such as employee of the month, Training, develop and encourage lower level for higher managerial positions, through community services and CSR build good relationship between guest, staff and local community. Process Awarded with environmental process certifications, CSR and Green Philosophy practices, 8 Rs practices on resources, Hotel Standard guidance book, SLS certifications Physical Evidence Internationally awarded Geffory Bavas architectural design, Eco and Environment conscious landscaping, interiors and exteriors, energy conservations system, Colors and design blend with nature to do minimal impact on environment. Heritance Kandalama Marketing Communication and Public Relation Strategies Heritance Kandalama is having very effective personal and mass communication structure to create new customer bases and retain the existing customers. Promotion and direct meeting from hotel sales and marketing department and Walking guest or over reception counter selling are the some of personal communications. Some of mass communication methods for HK are websites, paper and magazine advertisements, brochures, cut outs and YouTube. DRIP elements for Heritance Kandalama Differentiate Nature blend land mark architecture Heritance = Heritage + Inheritance of Sri Lanka Sustainable tourism practices Nature conscious Green Philosophy with 8Rs practices Remind Unique 5 star Heritance Kandalama service and products Aitken Spencer website with Kandalama media center, blog spots, social media such as facebook, twitter, blogger After sales follow up and guest data base management Influence Through official web site and other websites International and local trade show and conferences Been Hall of Fame in every tourism awarding body in Sri Lanka and internationally Through unique selling products such Kandalama ingenious cooking and Punaragama cultural village Persuade Marketing Slogan: Where Tradition Alive Display Attractive packages and excursion in their websites with details and same time with online reservation CSR system practices and Green philosophy persuade to buy their products Marketing Communication Strategies for Heritance Kandalama Heritance Kandalama is using different market communication strategies aligned with their corporate strategies, such as 3.2.1 Push Strategies Push strategy is one of main communication strategy used by Heritance Kandalama. As intermediates they use their own sister company Aitken Spence Travel and Tours, other local travel agents and tour operators, international travel agents and tour operators such as Kouni, hotel representative at airport, trade show and other travel and tourism conferences. Heritance Kandalama Hotel Aitkent Spence Travel Tours Customer 3.2.2 Pull Strategies The growing and vast potential communication strategy used by Heritance Kandalama is the pull strategy, as there do not need to allocate intermediary commissions, discount or extra payments. This is very profitable for customers as well as to the HK, however Heritance Kandalm a has to are advertising and communications cost. Heritance Kandalama, Central Reservation Customer Promotion Mix 3.2.3 Profile Strategies Their some of profile strategies are Heritance News letter, Promotion between other Aitken Spence staffs and suppliers. Marketing Mix for Heritance Kandalama Direct Selling Aitkent Spence Hotel reservation system Personal Selling Heritance Kandalama Sales and Marketing Department Advertising Magazine and Bill board Sales Promotion Seasonal offers, Marketing campaign Sponsorship Donating to local community schools Exhibitions Trade fairs E-communication Official website, Facebook, Twitter Public Relations(PR) CSR practices Public Relation (PR) and Heritance Kandalama Heritance brand is a well known cultural resort brand among Sri Lankans as well as internationally. Heritance Kandalama is playing a major role among Aitkent Spence hotels as well as Heritance brand hotels. It has a reputations the Pioneer of the sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka as well as a role modeler for the world. It is because of their luxuries hotel practices, procedures and policies they follow in sustainable tourism. Their mammoth well planned PR strategies are not second to any other hotel in Sri Lankan accommodation sector. 3.4.1 Public Relationship Strategies using by Heritance Kandalama Press Agencies : Heritance Kandalama has taken full advantages of the PR facilities of their mother company Aitken Spencer which has press release on Aitken Spence websites, National news paper agencies and other public media to promote in Sri Lanka as well as in foreign markets. Product Publicity : Very detailed information of hotel products and services mentioning in their official website Public Affairs : They use Green philosophy and CSR as their main weapon through the PR system. Heritance Kandalama public affair system well functions through the protecting environment, waste recycle system and 8Rs practices and minimum impact of tourism activities to the nature, local community and natural resources. Very good Human Resource practices, Promote and protect the Sri Lankan heritage can be taken as PA. Through all these they are able to create a great public image among Sri Lankans and responsible travelers around the world. Lobbying : Donating and helping government schools. Mainly they set the example to the Sri Lankan government to formulate the law, rules and regulation for the sustainable tourism. Investor Relations : Returning maximum profits to the share holders and delivering transparency financial and annual reports. Development : Community services, using local products for hotel operation, promoting the local crafts and goods to the hotel visitors and setting standards for Green Tourism in Sri Lanka Other PR communication channels. News and speeches by executive to the media Executive review in annual reports Written materials Heritance Kandalama hotel broachers, articles Audio visual materials Youtube, Wesite video clips Corporate identity materials Heritance Kanadalama logo in stationaeries, signs, business cards, heritance uniforms, CSR activities, hotel website and social net works. Any how beginning of the HK hotel was not easy task because of Sri Lankan public and local community was against to building it as hotel construction and operation would badly impact on Kandalama reservoir, Kandalama Lake, natural flora and fauna, wild animals and for local community, so from the beginning Heritance Kandalam was acted on well planed PR activities to avoid all those protests. Heritance Kandalma takes maximum opportunities through building better PR around their Location of cultural triangle and wild life, better service and quality product but through practice of Green Philosophy. 3.4.2 Heritance Kandalama PR practices and Sustainable Tourism From the beginning Heritance Kandalma empathies on sustainability through the construction, operation and disposing. Their operating and marketing strategies too build on sustainability. Setting standard for Sri Lankan eco tourism is one of their main objectives according to 2010/2011 annual report. Figure à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ : Sustainability of Heritance Kandalma Hotel Source: Social: Heritance Kandalma CSR practices, Community services, Donation for local schools Economic: Best Human Resource practices and Hiring local personal such village flute player, Buying and using local products, developed Kandalama ingenious food experience through local products and Encourage tourist to buy local community products. Environment: Green philosophy practices, Minimum impact on environment through green architecture, 8Rs practices (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reverence, Respect, Responsibility, Rethink and Repair) Brand Brand Strategies of Heritance Kandalama Heritance Kandalma is a five star luxury resort hotel situated over looking of Kandalma Lake and surround by 5 of UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are hundred of luxury resorts in the world wide and same as in Sri Lanka, but however Heritance Kandalma brand is differtiate from its competitors and deliver brand values to its loyal customers. HK hotel extend their services under Heritance brand mean Heritage and Inheritance and their value proposition Where Tradition Alive Brand Attributes of Heritance Kandalma Image: : Heritance brand name, Location of Hotel Design Style : Geffry Bavas Green Concept architecture engraving to rocks, flora fauna with minimum impact on its natural environment Logo : Brownish antique letters give Cultural feeling to the Heritance Kandalma logo Marketing Campaigns: Through promotion mix Printing Media: HK broachers, leaflets and news letters Web site : Official website www.heritancehotels/kandalama Behaviors : Through guest experiences of hotel products and services Brand strategies and Heritance Kandalma Aitken Spence PLC is using umbrella branding strategies up on their main product and services such as Aitken Spence Hotels, Services, Logistic solutions and Strategic investment. Any how under hotel sector they use Multi Branding strategies such as Heritance, Adaaran and Aitken Spence hotel and resorts. Kandalama hotel is under Heritance which combine characteristics of Heritage and Inheritance of Sri Lanka. Heritance Kandalama contribute to the Heritance brand strategies through giving Sri Lankan cultural, nature and genuine hospitality experience to the guest. Heritance Kandalama brand equity is compound with sustainable and nature friendly luxury brand giving unique experience of Sri Lankan culture, tradition, food and foremost thousand years well known Sri Lankan hospitality. Through their equity they gain larger market share and operational profits, numerous international and local awards. Destination Branding and Heritance Kandalama Figure : Segmentation of Tourist Destination Branding for HK Heritance Kandalama has positioned their brand as experience of Sri Lankan heritage and Inheritance, luxuries eco friendly product and services to contribute to Wonder of Asia national brand strategies. Figure 6.3: Perceptual Map of Destination positioning of Heritance Brand Hotels Wildness Heritance Tea Factory Heritance Kandalama HK HTF Monolithic Culture OR Tranquility Intriguing Accessible Culture OR Adventures HA HAMG Heritance Ahungalla Urban OR Sun/Sand/Sea Heritance Maha Gedara Source: author base on Heritance Kandalama positioning as highly access to the culture, adventure and wildness when other Heritance brand hotels positioning as sea-sand-sun or tranquility such as Heritance Maha Gedara is a ayurvedic beach resort. Customer Relationship Management practices (CRM) and Heritance Kandalama Tools using by HK for effective and efficient CRM, Guest Relationship Department managing by Guest Service manager to attend on the spot guest quarries and to enhance repeat customers. HK has rapport on their guest cocktails, meeting the guest by management and engage the guest with local community. Data Base Management (DBM): Collecting and keep updating guest information upon registration cards and guest special requests to create memorable service for the guest when every time they visit HK. Using DBM keep in touch with existing customers- Sending greeting card on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. Updating the guest about upcoming events, new offers, HK special packages through emails and news letters. The Diamond Club Loyalty Card For each stay in any Aitken Spence Hotels, guest can earn 100 points upon every thousand rupees spent and points for 10% of the total bill value. Free stay, discount on future booking, room upgrade, gift vouchers, special offers and free Aitken Spence hotels news updating are some of benefits customer get through the this loyalty card system. Networking, E-marketing and Heritance Kandalama HK gaining higher customer retention and new customer bases through networking, e-marketing and relationship marketing. Network Marketing of Heritance Kandalama Through Aitken Spence mother company and other sister companies Aitken Spence word process, media release and corporate marketing Aitken Spence Travel and Tours Other Net work marketing Trip adviser, and Agoda booking engines HK is gaining high advantage of Network Marketing tools. Aitken Spence travel and tours giving full force selling and marketing for HK, and as part of Aitken Spence Hotel sector HK gain best marketing advantages through Adaaran and other Aitkent Spence hotel and resorts situated in Maldives, Oman and India. With small charges HK get very good net work marketing through other booking engine and websites where guest always surf to find value added services and share their experience with other travelers such as trip adviser and Relationship Marketing and Heritance Kandalama Through Data Base Management system and Customer evaluation, Diamond Club loyalty card system, HK having larger group of retention customers. Such a customers experiences you can read through their official media website of Aitken Spence word process. HK unique products and memorable services, well trained skilled staff and long run marketing strategies foaming and continuing great customer relationship. E-Marketing and Heritance Kandalama They have attractive and informative up to date websites, social net work such facebook and twitter, blogs, virtual e-marketing such video clip in you tube, how ever this is one of marketing tool that still they have not taken fully advantage and there are lots of potential they can explore and use in their marketing mix. In 3 area they can use electronic media for retain existing customer and to attract new customers. E-Business HK is using computerized system to communicate through the interdepartmental as well as with Aitken Spence corporate sector. MS office, Data base management system( Fidelio ), e-recruitments and for other communications E-marketing HK providing information of their services and products, packages, online reservation and customer feedback through their official website, social networks, and other marketing websites. E-commerce HK official website is having online reservations and best available rates, and associated with other booking engines they are having massive markets, such as through Last minute, Agoda and tripadviser. Figure 7.1: Process of Social net work Communication Strategies of HK 5.3.1 Features of Heritance Kandalama official website Web contents and information: Updated reliable and detailed information provide the knowledge of its products and services. Images gallery and animation of front page attract the audience attention quickly User Friendly navigation: Using simple text terms with drop down menus, that easy to understand and find the information. Categories of rooms, dinning, spa, other facilities, wedding, activities, rates, offers with online hotel reservation system Search engine optimization and link building: Appears in search engine such Google, Firefox and Yahoo. Its appear in first six results of google search engine when search under Dambulla hotels in Sri Lanka, and first to appear when search under Kandalama hotels in Sri Lanka. HK website is registered in Sri Lanka web directory. As web release marketing tool: Hot balloon offers, Honeymoon packages, and connect with Diamond Club loyalty car promotion web site. Link with social net works such as facebook, twitter, flicker and blogger Build awareness: Knowledge of Heritance products and services, news and press release, blog spots and forums through the web links of or 5.3.2 Online Advertising In present Heritance Kandalama is using their official website, other booking engine websites (,, social media links (facebook, twitter, flicker, blogger), online classified (lakpua travels), and rich media (YouTube), however they can emphasis on more on online advertising as mentioned in recommendations. 5.3.3 Guerilla Marketing of Heritance Kandalama Heritance Kandalama displays a local flute player and his story in their official website as part of CSR practices. Here they use CSR practices as guerilla marketing tool in their website. Green philosophy practices, make us guilty if we not choose their product against to other resorts as they are the pioneer of Green philosophy practices in Sri Lanka. Hotel allows taking as sample model of sustainable, green tourism, green and architechture case studies in locally and internationally. Appear HK advertisement on other travel and tourism websites HK is playing the role of Green tourism standard setter for Sri Lanka and for local government. 5.3.4 Viral Marketing of Heritance Kandalama Social Net works HK has started to build social net work through Facebook, Flicker, Blogger, Twitter, Word of mouth Catering the guest with best luxury products and services, HK has built great customer reputation and they spread the positive image and motivating other clients through web base guest feedback such trip adviser, articles in blogs and personally. Diamond Club loyalty point system encouraging using more and more of Aitken Spence products and Heritance Kandalama service. This is the customer loyalty tools using by HK. Always customers feel they get value for money using the HK products and services. Recommendations Recommendations for Marketing Customer Loyalty Hosting Cultural and Sustainable Tourism programs, competitions and events Calculate and award their guests yearly as Least Carbon Foot Print Guest Use voice text bot through web to answer the guest questions and quarries Build up Story Share link through the HK official website, which guest can post their funny, unforgettable travel experience or asking basic questions from the guest to build up travel story for him with photos; video clips that guest can share with social media, printing or any other media. Use technology to track down the travel information seekers through the search engine and let connect nearest person to the guest who had Heritance Kandalama experience to share their experience with new travelers Use technology to track down the travel information seekers through the search engine and let connect nearest person to the guest who had Heritance Kandalama experience to share their experience with new travelers 6.2 Recommendations and justifying marketing communications strategies Directory marketing such in Yahoo Local, Yellow Page and LinkedIn Promote a access word to search website easily and make it search engine sensitive. Such as Eco friendly hotel in Sri Lanka or Cultural experience hotel. HK need to web tracking by gathering statistic information to measure your website success. Sponsor or be host for International and local Survivor, Travelers programs. Virtual Show round, live show

Free Native Son Essays: Society or Personal Responsibility :: Native Son Essays

Native Son: Society or Personal Responsibility  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã¢â‚¬ËœDoes society create people or do people create society.’ Does one’s surroundings create a person or does a society create that person’s surroundings, ultimately creating a fate for that person. There is a very interesting portrayal of this idea in a book called Native Son by Richard Wright. It gives one an inside look on how a young African-American man grows up in the 1930’s, how crime affects him and how his surroundings and society have created his life and fate.    Bigger Thomas, the young man who’s life is portrayed in this striking book, did not necessarily have homicide in his fate. However, throughout all the negative experiences Bigger has experienced, it is not surprising to one how he fell into his situation. Bigger grew up in poverty, without a father, with discrimination leaking from cracks in the walls of his family’s one room rat infested apartment. He grew up on the south side, the black area of town, where everyone lived in apartments such as his. This of course was not by choice but by white entrapment, and the oppression and slavery of African-American people and those morals and traditions which are still upheld in this country today. This is not to say that it is completely society’s fault; it is everyone’s fault through neglecting the obvious. However, even through poverty the south side may have been able to come together to create a basis, a stable place for their children to grow up in. I am not blaming them, though. Racism was obviously rampant and it may have been impossible to come together when everyone was forced to put themselves first. With the theories of racism and hate engrained into society, how easy could it be to break free of discrimination and make something of yourself? â€Å"Down here in Dixie we keep Negroes firmly in their places† (P.324). When so much effort is put into keeping people separate and hating someone, for whatever reason, it gives a person a reason not to care what happens to them in terms of their lives. If nobody else cares what you do, then why should you? I think this is what Bigger felt when he was growing up. I think he also saw white people as such a high power that he was unable to do anything about what he felt was wrong.